Science, technology and the K-12 education program

Philippine education in general has historically been problematic with science and mathematics education even more weak. In view of this, the Aquino administration pushed for a complete overhaul of the education system by adding two years in basic education, apparently as a solution to its recurring troubles.

Agham Advocates of Science and Technology for the People in its advocacy for a scientific and mass-oriented form of education, produced this paper as a critique of the K-12 program. This paper will enumerate the flaws of the K-12 program with focus on its impacts on the quality of the science and mathematics education in the country.

Background on the K-12 Program

Fellow scientists push for the dropping of physicist’s trumped-up cases, decry military delay tactics

Scientist group Agham - Advocates of Science and Technology for the People denounce military maneuvers that clearly aims to delay the proceedings of physicist Kim Gargar’s case.

“The case has dragged on for more than 17 months despite the prosecution’s weak and unsubstantial evidence. The military has time and again inhibited the progress of the case. This is obviously a form of harassment on the part of Kim Gargar and his family, designed to wear him down and keep him from doing his duties,” said Noel Jalmasco of Agham and spokesperson of the Free Kim Gargar Movement.

Gov’t measures on coconut scale insect (CSI) control: incomplete and possibly dangerous- science experts

Prominent scientists from the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) expressed caution against current government measures, particularly the trunk injection of the pesticide Dinotufuran, to control the pest outbreak of Aspidiotus spp., commonly known as Coconut Scale Insects (CSI) or cocolisap.

Dr. Ireneo L. Lit, Jr., a Filipino scale insect taxonomist who also teaches environmental and evolutionary biology at the Institute of Biological Sciences of UPLB, expressed his uncertainty on current government measures.

“Research on the efficacy and safety of Dinotefuran against coconut pests is very limited. Hence, there is a need for further studies on economic and environmental impacts of this type of pesticide especially because many neonicotinoids, a group to which Dinotefuran belongs, have been found to be toxic to honeybees and other organisms," said Dr. Lit.

The health of our nation

A RELATIVE of mine had a stroke last week. She is still in the hospital since then and had to spend several days in the intensive care unit. Recovery was fairly quick but staying in the hospital for a length of time gave me a peek into our health care system at work in close proximity.

There are only so many public tertiary hospitals in the country and most of them are in Metro Manila Area. East Avenue Medical Center, for example, is perennially full and one would feel guilty occupying the emergency room when more critical cases come in every so often. The same is true for the Heart Center, the Philippine General Hospital and other public hospitals in the area.

Dr. Giovanni Tapang

Moving forward: Beyond the LRT/MRT PPP

In this paper we will be focusing on the rationale for the nationalization of the MRT and LRT system as a catalyst for the development of a quality national mass transit system.

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